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Intention Setting

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Intention setting is consciously walking through the world seeking to have a higher degree of awareness and living the life one is meant to live. Setting intentions everyday leads to living an intentional life and transformation has fertile ground to take place on.

Transformation is: Life Area (Manifestation and fulfillment)+Event (Sequence and Details/Lesson or Blessing)+Degree of Yes (perception, view/intention, desire).

All these things are fundamental elements of transformation. Intentionally looking at them brings awareness to things we do subconsciously, or consciously that does not serve us in our life’s journey. Living in the present and no longer living in the past, based on past experiences, allows us to shift our lives and live them more fully than before.

We take the lesson or blessing from the experience, share our events, and let it be. We play our part in building collective hope in our community through sharing our events with others.

We become wisdom walkers on our path. We forgive, grow, transmute and evolve to a higher level of ourselves to transform and live a full life, whatever that means to our soul’s purpose.

We walk the world intentionally with a higher vibration, and a higher world view, being a leader of our own soul’s unfoldment/purpose. In this we transform the world.

See daily intention setting for our soul’s unfoldment on my YouTube Channel.

Truth Akins

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