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Workbook Companion and Online Resources for Spiritual Study, Spiritual Study Tool for Students.

What Does Research Say? In each chapter, I will share current literature on relevant subject topics. Thus, this book is supported by current empirical research about education, storytelling, mindfulness, happiness, and authentic leadership. This research is valuable and needs to be shared to raise the quality of life for all communities.

Chapter 1 What Does Research Say?
What does empirical research say about happiness?

Caner (2015) performed a research study on happiness and financial life structure of people outside of the U.S. This study focuses on components of happiness and the effects of happiness on individuals compared to other factors. The study is conducted in Turkey which is a developing country with an upper-middle class income. Turkey is compared to other countries that are also developing and have low levels of life satisfaction. Data was collected using a cross-sectional survey over the period of 8 years. The survey asked individuals to consider their life as a whole and determine their level of happiness (5-very happy; 1-Very unhappy). The survey also asked about household income and hope of the income increasing. Descriptive statistics were used showing that the business cycle effected happiness of individuals. Past experiences in life effected the outlook for the future happiness. There was a sense of hopelessness if the business cycle was negative and a hopeful outlook if the business cycle was positive. The status, position, and income affected happiness of individuals.

Workbook Questions-Answer here, in your workbook, or in a journal.

What do you think? Is happiness only found in receiving money? Reflect on a time, if any, in your life when your happiness came and went with a paycheck. Where should happiness lie? How can one reach a permanent state of happiness, not based on any conditions?

Caner, A. (2015). Happiness, comparison effects, and expectations in Turkey. Journal of Happiness Studies, 16(5), 1323-1345.doi:10.1007/s10902-014-9562-z
Online link to resrouce: https://lopes.idm.oclc.org/login?url=http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=a9h&AN=110082559&site=eds-live&scope=site

Livelihood Transformational Life Treatments

8 Degrees of Yes! My Experience with Truth, Transformation, and Healing is a personal guide to transformation through spiritual practices. There are 2 parts, desire to live life to the fullest, and spiritual practices (affirmative prayer, intention setting, meditation, service, and giving). The affirmative speech spoken specifically to life structures which transforms the life structures, we call it, Transformational Life Treatment (TLT)­ it’s affirmative prayer treatment spoken directly to the life structures to transform limited perceptions, to unlimited perception, thus shifting the life structure from a limited state to an unlimited state, bringing fulfilled desires into manifestation. In the book, The Rock and Flow: 40 Transformational Life Treatments According to the 8 Life Structures for a Full Life, there are 5 prayers for each life structure: Livelihood (Creativity), Relationships (Love), Financial (Prosperity and Abundance), Spiritual (Deep Purpose and Reverence), Community (Beneficial Expression), Health (Wholeness), Ego (Safety), and Belief Systems (Truth and Wisdom). Audio and Video recordings of prayers for each life structure are below with more in creation.

Life Structures

Life structures reflect our desire to live and how we view life. It is how we subconsciously, and consciously, perceive experiences, or circumstances that drive the conditions of our life structures. Desire is energy used towards wanting something, and signals the universe that we want what we perceive as reality. Life structures are: livelihood, ego, relationships, spiritual, beliefs, community, health, and financial.

If the mind is a computer, programmed by all past experiences, and sets these experiences as reality, then, any fear from past experiences could limit the present reality.  Fear can be subconscious, or conscious worry about survival, sickness, unworthiness, or lack. It can manifest as self-sabotage, repeated violence, high risk behaviors, financial hardship, health problems, and broken relationships. Transformation is letting go, and begins with spiritual practice, positive affirmations, and insights during/after meditation. My spiritual teacher, Rev. Michael Beckwith teaches spiritual practices and spiritual awakening in many books. Spiritual practices are daily routines of meditation, prayer, spiritual study, service, giving, intentions setting, being present, and desire to have a greater realization of the qualities of God that are always ever-present.

In each degree of desire to live life, there is a surrendering, a vulnerability, a letting go, forgiveness, and a new intentions set to become more conscious of oneself. These resources are to assist in the journey of awakening by using TLT.

Transformational Life Treatment (TLT)- Affirmative Prayer Treatment for the 8 Life Structures

Audio/video resources are below and are ever evolving. Join us by listening to recordings or live! 455-530 am PST, T-F.

Livelihood (Creativity)

Livelihood Transformational Life Treatment (TLT)Recording #1, Livelihood TLT Recording # 2, Livelihood TLT #3, Livelihood #4, Livelihood #5, Livelihood #6, Livelihood #7, Livelihood #8, Livelihood #9, Livelihood #10, Livelihood#11

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  1. for educational purposes only for examples of how disadvantaged communities can use these practices in an economical viable manner. For example here is the ‘Working Business Plan for the Center of Truth, Speak Your Truth,’
    8 Degrees of Yes Project
    “We empower, innovate and create opportunities for success!”
    Our vision: The purpose of the Center of Truth, Speak Your Truth is to reduce recidivism and disempowerment by providing a space for transformation. We transform our lives into a life of leadership, vocation, and entrepreneurship through ancient practices of community circles expanding our relationships, livelihood, finances, belief system, spirituality, health, community, and safety. We are changing the world one community at a time all over the world.
    Our Mission: To state the truth about lived experiences, support economic equity, and share stories to build collective hope. To transform our communities for the better through The Circle Process and Empowerment Practices. We plant seeds to grow community leaders and to grow agricultural skills, and much more. We all have seasons in life, as well as, having seasons for sowing and harvesting. We first focus on hiring the formerly incarcerated, veterans, and marginalized groups to empower, innovate, and create opportunities for success.
    Critical Reflective Question: What is the Truth about your experiences? At the Center of Truth, we journey to find the lessons or blessings in one’s lived experiences that have shaped who you are today. Then, we provide the stepping stone to the soul’s expression to improve our community. We all have a deep purpose. The clues are in our stories. The outcomes are economic growth, professional development, civic engagement, and healthy communities.
    Our Core Values:
    FAITH: We walk in Faith and grow together. We can change with the flow of life because we are flexible.

    GRACE: We all have a purpose and it is divinely supported already. We simply align ourselves to the Creator’s plan. Our own inherent creativity and partnerships help us do our part in betterment of the community.

    LOVE: We are spiritually based and accept everyone with Agape love, brotherly love, sisterly love, and neighborly love. We are not a religious, or political organization and we offer brotherly/sisterly love to the community.
    COMPASSION: We all have our season. We can see each other in the place that we are at presently and where we are headed in the future. We can do this by first looking at where we came from. We focus on our roots and respect the constant changing journey of life. The center plans to be a living example of, ‘you reap what you sow’, in each moment, by planting real seeds and simultaneously, planting seeds of collective hope.
    Our Goals: To offer educational (basic English Language Arts reading/writing skills/basic math courses for budgeting/daily living), vocational (farming, cooking, and administrative courses) and life skills classes (financial, parenting, conflict resolution, ethics courses), along with the Circle Process. We hope to free minds from negative thoughts through facilitated meditations, affirmative speech, daily intention setting practices (journaling, visioning practice), and create an equitable/safe environment. We are continually collaborating with community practitioners for economic, political, cultural, and social resources within our community.
    Our Facilitators: The center will provide a safe, confidential, and equitable environment for authentic sharing of ideas, stories, and experiences led by trained facilitators. Also, the center will create community leaders that will work together to transform critical social justice issues in urban areas and communities. Individuals will form discussion/project groups led by individuals that are emerging community leaders. The format is noted below:
    Culture Circle Steps
    1. Dialogue: Each person shares personal narratives (experiences within systems of power that we teach in, ie, schools, and classrooms) [10 minutes total]
    2. In this case, for our seminar, share the questions that came to mind as you read the themed reading.
    3. Decide as a group which question is “most urgent” to address or find a common theme and create a question that draws on the common personal narratives [5 minutes]
    4. Problematize (deconstruct the issue theoretically and systemically-determining ‘root causes’ and move towards designing concrete solutions) What does it look like to actually address these issues? [25 minutes]
    5. Action: Presentation of problem and concrete steps towards transformational change: Googleslides (poster) or modified teatro (act out). [15 minutes]
    Center of Truth is a social justice business that seeks to transform lives through viable employment opportunities for those who have difficulty finding work. Center of Truth hires individuals that have been affected by incarceration, homelessness, and homeless veterans as a social justice initiative to bring income back to the communities that are impoverished or economically disadvantaged by using practical methods of employing individuals that need work.
    Center of Truth plans to expand the resources and training to find innovative ways to teach and use vocations to perform many services to the community in the future and build partnerships. For example, a social justice project can be led to build houses for those in need all over the world. Individuals employed by Center of Truth are part of s a living business that plans to expand innovative ideas by those that have been affected by incarceration, homelessness, racial trauma, and transitioning veterans. The center plans to offer culinary, warehousing, construction and work safety vocation programs created by those that come to the Center over time through partnerships and shared vision led projects. We plan on collecting data, studying current data, and becoming a data-driven business to provide solutions to community economic, social, cultural, and other problems.

    Other Project Examples:
    • Technology and Business classes
    • Agricultural classes
    • Hire formerly incarcerated
    • Vocational classes
    • Leadership skills
    • Emotional Intelligence and Mental Health

    • Healing Circles
    • Support Circles
    • Understanding
    • Community Building Circles
    • Belonging

    • Nutrition and Heredity classes
    • Aspiration Circles for our children

    • Peacekeeping Circles
    • Conflict Resolution Circles
    • Support Circles
    • Community-Building Circles
    • Reintegration Circles
    • Celebration Circles

    • Speech Classes
    • Project Planning/Organizing
    • Helping those in the community by volunteer projects
    • Feeding the community projects
    • Empowerment/Voting Education
    • Civic Duties Workshops

    • We empower, innovate and create opportunities for success.
    • Resume building/Entrepreneurships

    We partner with publishing companies to support new authors.
    We partner with industrial psychologists to support group dynamics, personality tests, human resources, and job interviewing.
    We partner with restaurants to build culinary skills for future chefs.
    We partner with other businesses to support community development in areas of vocation, education, technology, art, music, and any area of leadership that empowers community members to have decision-making in their own lives to follow their dreams; improve skills and self-confidence; make an impact in their community; leadership and social skills; and set aspirations for the youth.

    Clients enter and pay with credit/debit card to purchase $28, $40, or $80, in exchange for orientation materials and:
    $4.67/hr package ($28) =5+1=6hrs
    $4.44/hr package ($40) =8+1=9hrs
    $4/hr package ($80) =16+4=20hrs
    (Copy of Center of Truth Origins Story (8 Degrees of Yes! = $40)
    Daily Process: Client checks in and out w/plastic card given registering time used. Walk-ins $5.50/hr
    Reservations can be made thru our website (speakyourtruthcenter.com).
    Theme days-consistent décor/style of managed service.
    Note: Timer on table for time counting.
    Businesses created from Center’s work pays 10% and can be limited partners with a percent of profits for a specific time frames of access to available space for projects. Authors pay 5% of published books.
    Our employees are paid a base $15/hr rate subject to increase based on business growth. Facilitate 2 tables (with social distancing measures in place)- maximum (3 facilitators/12 people/ each =36 max. (will have skills, will provide basic training).
    Full partner gets specific percentage of gross profit
    Cash Investments returned with 25% ROI, or Investor buys percent of franchise, or corporation (limited). Income 6 tables with 6 people at each table = 36 people capacity
    Ex: 24 people @ $5/hr = $120/hr x 12hrs = 1440/day x 22days(mo)= $31680/mo x 12= $380,160/yr
    Change hourly rate and amount of people for reasonable income and a good pay rate for skilled owner/employees ($10-20/hr).

    Business Operating Costs
    Advertising 300/mo
    Salary of Owner/Manager 1500/mo
    Coffee machine stock 400/mo (ask to buy or lease)
    Petty Cash 100/mo
    Décor 100/mo
    Utilities 500/mo
    Fixtures and Equip 200/mo
    Lease payment (3 mos paid) 3500/mo ($1.75sq/ft @ 2k sq/ft)
    Misc (water, tea, cups) 100/mo
    Rent Pop Up/Incubator/Event Space 140/mo
    Support services (accounting) 150/mo
    Office cleaning supplies 150/mo
    Total monthly operation cost 5,640.00/mo
    Plus Facilitator costs (2 x12/hr day@ $10/hr for 22 days/mo $5,280.00/mo
    Insurance 70/mo
    Cell phone 60/mo
    Laptop(2) 150.00/mo
    TOTAL Per/Mo Cost $12,500.00… $9,200 in 2nd/ 3rd mos.
    Advertising and Promotion 3000/mo
    Cash (working capital) 200/mo
    Starting Inventory 200/mo
    Coffee machine stock 400/mo (ask to buy or lease)
    Deposits for utilities 2000/mo set up Lease payment 10,500/mo ($1.75sq/ft @ 2k sq/ft)
    Licenses/permits 5300.00
    set up Professional Fees 1500.00
    set up Consulting and Software 500/mo
    Support services (accounting) 500/mo
    Credit card equip 500.00
    set up Cushion for initial setup cost 2000 (includes artists walls/sinks)
    Total $26,600/mo
    I am a member of an array of educational and criminological associations (American Society of Criminology-Formerly Incarcerated Division and Division of People of Color; National Center for Restorative Justice; National Education Association; California Teachers Association; Community College Association; American Association of Adult and Continuing Education who’s President, Dr. Mary Alfred proclaimed, “AAACE joins this movement with the call that “Enough is Enough” and “Change Must Come”. We stand for radical and systemic change in all sectors of society so that the trauma and pain Black people have endured and continue to endure can subside, allowing us to be equal members of American society… We profess, Black Lives Matter!” (2020). My membership at ASC includes access to empirical, data-driven research from Wiley Online Library. We will be a data driven team for decision-making and shared visions using the Systems Thinking approach to communicate and use flexibility in a changing environment.

    We will use current empirical research through available portals (I have worked in the correctional setting in many faucets for the past 11 years. I have a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice Administration (San Diego State University, 2006); Master’s in Criminology, Law and Society (University of California, Irvine, 2013); and a Master’s in Urban Education with a credential in Secondary Social Science (University of California, Los Angeles, 2016). I am currently completing a Doctor’s in Educational Leadership with an emphasis in Organizational Development at Grand Canyon University with a focus on Transformational Leadership and Empowerment.

    Presently, I am a Secondary Social Science teacher and a storyteller. My teaching practice is based on the Hope and Healing in Urban Education framework of Professor Shawn Ginwright (2016), UCLA CENTER X, socio-cultural theory, authenticity, and transformational research. The Circle Process is based on a book by Kay Pranis and we will share data from outcomes of using the methods at the Center for continued growth.
    My studies and prior research inquired how hopelessness affects student’s behavior, most often shown in drug use, high risk behaviors, and violence in the classroom, leading to zero tolerance expulsion policies, which then leads to a pipeline to the criminal justice system. It affects many U.S. communities across the Nation.
    My practice and pedagogy created critical action to establish hope, healing, transformation, and thriving classrooms in urban communities of color through project building and collaboration. My pedagogy embodies empowerment, leadership, hope, and authentic expression by finding common ground through personal stories. I have researched that students’ levels of participation and engagement increase to maximum levels when their story is brought into the classroom. I practiced project-based activities in the classroom to teach communication skills, collaboration, and creativity within a correctional setting. The same practices apply to employees and clients in any organization/business for transformation during a time of change and restructuring.

    I am meeting a need in society for viable options for those being released back to their communities.
    In the State correctional system hopelessness is very high and many have anxiety about life after being released from a grossly incarcerated system. Many must change behaviors to be free from systemic, oppressive institutionalism after the trauma of incarceration. I have learned much from teaching in a dysfunctional system that someone needs to make something new. We can no longer use “lock’em up” methods and careless, violent practices on oppressed people. We must empower all members of society for successful, equitable communities.

    Passion, Experience, and Leadership Style: I am Black woman, who has faced many injustices. I am a Veteran that has served this country. I have studied on how to participate in change for the better for many years now through transformational leadership practices. Transformational Leadership includes:
    Identifies and articulates a vision: behavior on the part of the leader aimed at identifying new opportunities for his or her school and developing (often collaboratively), articulating and inspiring others with a vision of the future.

    Fosters the acceptance of group goals: behavior on the part of the leader aimed at promoting cooperation among staff and assisting them to work together toward common goals.

    Conveys high performance expectations: behavior that demonstrates the leader’s expectations for excellence, quality, and/or high performance on the part of staff.

    Provides appropriate models: behavior on the part of the leader that sets an example for staff to follow and which is consistent with the values espoused by the leader.

    Provides intellectual stimulation: behavior on the part of the leader that challenges staff to re-examine some of the assumptions about their work and to rethink how it can be performed.

    Provides individualized support: behavior on the part of the leader that indicates respect for individual members of staff and concern about their personal feelings and needs.

    I will collaborate with other entities who want to create projects of critical action to establish hope, healing, transformation, and thriving communities.

    My vision is to empower individuals, create project managers, who are creators of their own lives economically, socially, responsibly, and with knowledge in an equitable/safe/community environment. My mission is to transform hopelessness to community hope, seeing the unjust as changeable, through relating to each other’s authentic stories and finding common ground.

    Urban locations have many outreach groups that can refer recently incarcerated individuals and veterans to the Center. Urban downtown locations with access to public transportation and food venues nearby. Access to reentry programs, alternative custody programs, and special housing are accessible online and through email or phone for referrals to the Center.
    Many individuals are looking for opportunities upon release and recently release due to new laws being passed allowing for early release. Parole plans include individuals continuing opportunities to be successful.
    Many youthful offenders are now adults being granted parole. They will need employment and services that the Center of Truth can offer.

    Victims of Crime
    Communities will be safer and more transparent when there is good happening through our center. The empowerment of people empowers the entire community and there is less need for the overfunded policing system to control communities. Some funding must be directed towards the empowerment of people to reduce crime and the self-responsibility of the community members. We have seen over the last month the death, devastation; tragic and violent outcomes of disempowered communities. The change must be now by the people and for the people.

    Urban locations have many outreach groups that can refer recently incarcerated individuals that have been successful transforming inside the prison and want to continue being successful after release. Veteran outreach centers and community colleges have many young adults that need the support and innovative space. We will market through the avenues of Universities, Community Colleges, Social Justice programs, educational associations, criminological associations, formerly incarcerated programs, community programs, Outreach Centers, and others that want to see change in their community for the better. Word of mouth will be used as an organic approach that can cause tipping points of popularity and passion for change. Artist such as JR and ARC- Anti-Recidivism Collective has the necessary connections for marketing to those who will participate and build memberships with the business.

    Present ‘Black Lives Matter’ groups will be given presentations to spread the word and assist in providing areas that the Center can be flexible in bringing services to communities that desire transformation through entrepreneurship, building new skills, healing, and empowerment. Organizations that support peacekeeping practices, such as, universities, colleges, schools, artists, musicians can send students/interns to volunteer services and refer individuals, or perform benefit concerts, art walks, etc. Innovative companies will invest in our endeavors. Local (art) schools, churches, teachers are promotional resources. Also, the local papers, businesses, internet, and talk-groups. Eventually advertising will extend to other cities through networking conduits. Just the number of people (about 35) employed in the Center will provide both customers and advertising.

    Most critically, people that are tired of police violence will come and join in membership to support community peace practices and betterment for justice, equity, and people of color empowerment practices.

    This prototype social business offers an annual 25% ROI on cash investments. Amounts can vary from $2500 to $25,000. The full $27,000 start-up funds will come from the city if they redirect funds from other areas. Cash funds invested will go to promotion/advertising and secondarily to supplement the start-up costs. The owner’s collateral will be in real estate equity and a retirement pension. There are many opportunities for those interested in becoming owners to partner across the nation, and share profits divisible equally by number of partners.

    This start-up is a sole proprietor, entrepreneurship that will grow into an LLC with partners overseeing business operations. We will have an administrative staff of a Facilitator Coordinator. The business is innovative due to the flexibility in a Systems Thinking framework using teams. We will offer samples of coffee from various coffee houses and sell chocolates and other packaged snacks. We will sell African clothing, jewelry, art; Native clothing, jewelry and art; various cultural items from community culture; personal narrative books; publishing services; and grow to offer more, as we are innovators. We will partner with restaurants to open culinary and food education programs with tasting events in the future.

    Our business will be a conduit to other downtown businesses and provide a networking source to grow the downtown economy. The business hours will be from 10am till 10pm and will adjust with the needs of service. The Center of Truth, Speak Your Truth segment provides a forum for 1 person talking and up to 5 listeners, which is rare. Music, art, project presentations will be from 7pm-10pm. We hope to become a social transformational asset for the city and then other cities, partnering with new centers emerging at the same time with different needed missions, or schools, colleges, and universities.

    We project a minimum average of 24 clients an hour over 12 hours each day. 22 days a month at about $5 per person equals $31,680 a month of cash flow. That means an income of $380,160 per year.
    Expenses total $150,000 per year. Employee/owner ($66,000/$18,000 per year) costs will increase with profits but original profit will be $230,160 per year.
    Also, the 15% gross corporate fee will apply once franchising is established. Promotional products and branding will also be another income source.
    Each Center of Truth will own their location ultimately and be a source for a homeless non-profit social organization. With great respect we ask for your assistance in funding these Black Owned Business that are for The Community, By The Community.

    -T. Ruth Akins.
    Someone get this of the ground! BLACK LIVES MATTER!

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