Storytelling and Workshops in my classroom

This is a picture of a storyteller and life coach named Alain Lagger in our classroom on February 15th, 2018. He told his life story with passion and enthusiasm with hope of inspiring us to live life fully, see the unlimited potential and see how we can all relate at the level of being human. In my class, we set intentions to become better at being more of who we are, connecting to the inherent Good within ourselves, regardless of what the experience is. Thus, storytelling, and connecting the dots in sequence, then understanding who we are, forgiving, surrendering and sharing brings us HOPE!!💛💛💛We hope to see you again soon and would love to invite more inspiring speakers into our classroom! Speakers inspire us all along the journey of life. Telling my story and living life fully gave me deep purpose and hope. Soon we will be doing workshops out in the community! Check out my story if you like at !! Many BLESSINGS!! One love!

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