My name is Truth Akins and I am a teacher. I have experience in a work environment that shows the effects of criminal law in a unique way, thus I focus on having a grounded spiritual practice. I see my work as serving in an environment most do not want to be in. In this environment, it is important to practice transformational spiritual practices, faith, love, discernment, leadership, and hope.

After studying criminology, law and society, I found education to be the root to success. Knowledge is power and ignorance is not bliss. My pedagogy includes viewing law and education with a critical lens, critical care, and cultural community practiced within the prison walls.

I graduated from the Urban Education program at UCLA, with a credential in Secondary Social Sciences in 2016. My research focused on hope, hopelessness, and urban educational leadership. My focus is in curriculum with an essential theme of Life to the Fullest, Transformation, spiritual principles, and storytelling that involves significant life issues that we all face. I have studied peacekeeping, restorative justice, and conflict resolution. I am ordained and have a Doctor of Divinity from Universal Life Church and currently study at the University of Metaphysics.

This is the beginning of my public spiritual journey and a guide to anyone feeling called to a spiritual life. My book of telling my own story brought awareness, passion and healing in my own life. This book is the foundation for the Center of Truth, Speak Your Truth: Healing the World Through Personal Testimonials. I practice the ancient wisdom of storytelling by telling my story. The book is to be used as a guide to freedom and living your soul’s purpose through the 8 degrees of Yes. Storytelling is an ancient practice used by the ancestors. Ancestors used to tell their stories and wisdom to assist the youth in finding their path. Understanding the truth about our stories replace negative experiences in the past with positive affirmations and wisdom to heal old wounds from life’s journey. Transformation happens through desire to live life fully, and spiritual practices.

Much Peace,

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